March the 11th, 7:07PM


Dear friend,

If I had to remember two things from those three weeks in New Zealand, it would be: a. NZ'ers are your friend by nature and b. don't be afraid to ask questions. People don't judge. People don't blame you when you have a question. While in France it is easy to forget how simple gestures are important. A simple hello'll do; or even a smile. I know that I'm boring but I have to insist that SMILING can litteraly make ONE'S DAY.

Today, staff members visited our rooms, searching for any insects invasion. A student, later, told me that it is because he had seen cockroaches coming out of the ground. I fortunately did not see that or else I would have fainted. We were having a cigarette when he told me that. He needed my lighter every 30 seconds... bloody roulées. One of my 'smoke buddies' (as I call them), a girl with red hair, calls them 'rollies', how funny is that? She often hangs out with a guy whose lips are pierced on both sides. He always wears sunglasses, like me. Back in my country, he would've been the kind of guy I would avoid no matter what. Yeah, I'm scared he would judge me. He actually is really nice and all. He always has stories or as-a-matter-of-fact thing which makes me laugh. I wish I could call him Doc because of this. But I think that would be, as we say, mettre la charrue avant les boeufs. There's a girl in my POLITICS 113 course whom I'd befriended during O-week. She's a bit cold at first, but I think it's because she's in the same situation as me: out of one's comfort zone.

I'm starting to read out loud again. I love it! Of course, I'm a bit scared people would hear me and mock me about my pronunciation and accent. Honestly, I'm starting to behave the 'NZ way': who cares, you are who you are.

I don't miss France yet. I miss ma petite praline. I miss the parties bien arrosées avec les 1.8. But I don't have time to miss anything. I have worries: money! The difference between 1E and 1NZD is not big but it exists, and I'm starting to watch what I buy and that stresses me so much that I feel like I'm messing everything up.

This is getting too long. I shall stop here.

Yours faithfully.